JVC/Kenwood 16 Pin to Toyota Stereo Harness Headunit Loom

JVC/Kenwood 16 Pin to Toyota Stereo Harness Headunit Loom


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Are you replacing your factory head unit with an aftermarket stereo?

Want to make your installation process a lot quicker and easier?

This plug connects all late model Kenwood or JVC stereos direct to 1987 on Toyota stereo plugs

Fits the Following Stereos: KDC-BT39DAB DPX-5000BT DPX-7000DAB KMM-202 KMM-BT302 KDC-100UR KDC-200UV KDC-BT500U KDC-BT600U DPX-5000BT KDC-BT39DAB KDC-X7000DAB DDX4016BT DDX6016BT DDX616WBT DDX7016BT DNX4150BT DNX4150DAB KW-R920BT KD-X230 KD-X330BT KD-R471 KD-R671 KD-R771BT KD-R971BT KW-R920BT KW-V220BT KW-V51BT KW-V520BT KW-V320BT

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