AVS TX4-04 waterproof remote (complete)

AVS TX4-04 waterproof remote (complete)


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AVS TX4-04 waterproof remote (complete)

The AVS TX4-04 is a robust waterproof remote that is compatible with these alarm models:

  • AVS S5
  • AVS S4
  • AVS S3
  • AVS A5
  • AVS A4
  • AVS 4601
  • AVS 9000
  • AVS 6000

What’s included

  • The remote (complete)
  • 2x CR1616 batteries (fitted)
  • Coding instructions

Read this before you order

To code this remote into your alarm you will need:

  1. An existing working remote (any type)
  2. Or if the alarm was installed after September 2006 an existing working remote OR the PIN code