Rear Parking Sensors (4 x Black 22mm)

Rear Parking Sensors (4 x Black 22mm)


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All cars have blindspots which mean it is possible to reverse backwards without seeing what, or who is behind your car. Keep other people and animals safe and help protect your vehicle from expensive dents and scratches by fitting reversing sensors to the rear bumper. They also help make parking a breeze!

This set includes four sensors for the rear bumper plus a buzzer audio warning that escalates the closer the car gets to the object. The sensors automatically come on when the vehicle is put in reverse.

An optional LED display can be installed in the vehicle’s cabin if you would also like a visual warning.

This rear parking sensor set includes:

  • 4x black ultrasonic sensors for the rear bumper
  • Your installer can arrange for the sensors to be colour matched to your car for a factory finish
  • Escalating buzzer audio warning with adjustable volume
  • The sensors will automatically come on when the vehicle is put in reverse
  • 2.5 metre sensor cable run
  • Waterproof connectors allow the sensors to be detached for servicing or vehicle repair
  • Suitable for 12 volt vehicles
  • One year warranty when professionally installed
  • Sensor mounting hole: ∅ 22mm

Note: parking sensors are an aid only and may not detect all possible objects. The warning distance varies depending on the vehicle and type of object. Normal driving precautions should always be used even with parking sensors fitted.